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Miami's Best Neighborhoods to Live in 2019

2018 was Miami’s craziest year in the past two decades. For example, Miami was rated among the worst traffic in the world, construction starts being at a 14% increase, and withstanding the second largest population increase from 2017. So to start off the new year, we’ve put together a list... more


October 10, 2017 All aboard! Downtown Miami, where the projects around the residents are the most ambitious and important in the whole city. Specifcally we exhibit, All Aboard Florida, and the value it adds to Miami and its inhabitants. All Aboard Florida will be the first project of its type and scale... more

Miami was ready for Irma

October 6, 2017 After being one of the 7 million residents of Florida to travel with their family to avoid the threat of Hurricane Irma, we came home to realize the resileince and readiness that our city had to offer. With the total population of Florida estimated at around 21 million,... more

The Numbers Behind The Real Estate Cycles Of 2009 - 2017

August 23, 2017 Since 2009 the amount of projcts launched has been mulitpilied by over 100, and prices are coming back down below the ones in 2009.  It is imperative you understand that the current price drop is NOT a generalized phenomenon but rather on time. With the correct information, it is... more

Key Indicators In The US

August 14, 2017 Below is a list of the Key indicators in the US, with relevant statiscal information and analysis, we notice both increases and declines of certain indicators, each providing information that can help sell and invest. GROSS PRODUCT Annual Growth 2009-2016: 4.1% Accumulated Growth 2009-2016: 28.7%   CONSUMER PRICES Annual Growth 2009-2017: 2.4% Accumulated Growth 2009-2017: 19.6%   INFLATION Annual Average... more

What Is The Reason Behind The Price Drops In The Luxury Condo Market?

August 11, 2017 In the last decade, the proliferation of populist Latin American governments have generated a strong devaluation of their currencies against the dollar with Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela being affected. Native investors from those countries have halted investments in Miami because of this. Other countries in Europe and Asia that... more

Missoni Baia to move forward- The Next Miami

December 21, 2016 The Missoni Baia tower is a 646 Ft and introduces 146 units to Downtown. Prices start at $1.7M. The tower will be located at 777 NE 26th Street in Edgewater. It was recently approved on December 7th with conditions by the Miami's Office of Zoning. The Missoni Baia... more

One Bayfront Plaza altered- The Real Deal

December 21, 2016 One Bay Front Plaza was going to construct two buildings, however, now they aim to build the tallest building in Florida (1,049 Ft). The building will be 92 stories and have 902 units, 200 hotel rooms, 532,000 square feet of Class A office space, 104,000 Sq Ft of retail,... more

The most expensive office deal- The Real Deal

December 21, 2016 Southeast Financial Center is Florida's tallest office building with 1.2 million Sq Ft of leasable space. It was bought at $516.6M in cash by Amancio Ortega. The asking rent is between $22 and $47 per Sq Ft. The building is 88% filled and mostly used by financial groups... more

$14.5M from East End Capital to Wynwood- The Real Deal

December 20, 2016 East End Capital closed 310-318 Northwest 25th Street in Wynwood for $14.5M. The sellers bought the property in 1992 for $250,600. That's approximately a 14.2M dollar ROI. The property is across from a project, also developed by East End Captial, called Wynwood 25. Wynwood 25 will have 289-apartments, ground floor... more
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